Title P3.9 Transparent LED Screen
Model Number: TG-3.9
Pixel Pitch: 3.9 x 7.8mm
Cabinet Size: 1000*500mm
Brightness: Up to 5000cd/㎡
LED Chip : SMD3012
Refresh Rate (Hz): 3840Hz
Weight/Cabinet : 7.3kgs/14kgs
Power Consumption: 240w/m²(Avg)
Transparency: 82%
Working Voltage : 110/220V
IP Protection : Indoor IP40

USD 1500~1680 / Piece

The transparent LED display

It can be placed on the window without sacrificing the natural light of the space.

Its slim design and high brightness allow it to compete with direct sunlight while allowing you to create a dynamic experience before the customer enters your location.

The holographic LED display is modular in design and works in any environment, providing a minimalist solution.


1. 82% Transparency. Its inherent transparency offers a ideal solution for any commercial application and make ad emerge into building and life.

2. Standard cabinet sizing: 500*500mm / 1000*500mm . Dual sizing options make it easier to meet building specification, customized size also welcome.

3. Slim & lightweight cabinet Thickness: 73mm; Weight 7.3kgs/14kgs. These features allow for easy installation and transportation.

Wider advertising Scope | viewing angle 160°

Central Control

All the displays can be controlled, monitored and updated remotely and timely.

Smart control

Smart control by mobile APP,wireless data transmission, screen+ data cloud + APP, WIFI connection.

Quick locking system
  • It allow for easy hanging and connection between panels.
  • This unique locking system works with a speedy and effortless.
  • 4-step process: align, lift, click, and lock.