TitleP5 Energy saving King Bus LED displays
Model Number:K-Bus-P5143
Screen Size:29″X143″/ 740mm(H)X3620mm(W)
Screen Resolution:128(H) ×704(W)=90112pixels
Power Consumption:1000W(Max)
Input Voltage:9~36V
Screen Weight:95Kgs
Application:King Bus
Controller SystemAsynchronization control (4G wireless)

USD 3500~3650 / Piece

King bus LED displays

are an exterior display that may appear on either side of a bus, often below the rider’s windows and between the tire wells.

King bus LED displays are used to reach pedestrians and vehicular traffic in metro areas. This form of mobile advertising generates high reach, frequency and impressions by covering a large geographic and demographic spread. King LED bus advertising displays are typically 29″ h x 143″ w, but exact specs may change per market.

  • Legible even from a long distance under low and high lighting conditions.
  • Rugged and robust designs
  • Fit to be used for outdoor portions of the bus
  • Weatherproof coating
  • Cost-effective
  • Energy-efficient

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Friendly Cloud service management interface

Optional wireless WIFI /4G / 3G / U disk on the screen to play program management.

Users can use Smartphone or computer to set up the screen Clould service platform allow remotely manage the campaigns.
GPS locking the location of the device and report the screen info.


Advertise on the outside of buses to garner the most impressions possible.
Exterior bus advertising is popular for all industries, including private companies and government and nonprofit agencies.
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Installation Methods

Hinge type installation:
This product adopts the hinge type box assembly, a pressure rod screen box, easy to open repair and maintenance.

Wall hanging type installation:
The product is equipped with six angle screws, rivets and other auxiliary materials. In the bus on the need to use a drill tool wall hole, then the rivet to the rear cover plate is fixed on the screen on the wall to the bus.