TitleP6.4 Bus Advertitising LED Display
Model Number:Q-Bus-P64105
Screen Size:29″x105″/ 740mm(H)X2660mm(W)
Screen Resolution:1100(H)X512(W)=65536 pixels
Power Consumption:700W(Max) 130W(Avg)
Input Voltage:DC 9~36 V
Screen Weight:70kg
Application:Bus king, queen, tail and Upper Deckers
Controller System:Asynchronization control (4G wireless)

USD 2350~2450 / Piece

Ryham Bus LED Display System

are the perfect solution for city mass transit bus.

You can plan to install led display on the exterior of the Bus king, queen, tail and Upper Deckers. While bus run on the road, it will carry your advertising to its’ routing line.

No other out-of-home option gives you the ability to target unique audiences on a national scale.

  1. Pixel pitches option:5mm 5.926mm 6.4mm 8mm & 10mm.
  2. Branding National star or Kinglight first level quality SMD led, enable a long-lasting panel life span.
  3. MBI energy saving driver IC, average power consumption lower to 80~100W per sqm.
  4. Wide view angle 140/140 degree and ultra brightness 4500~6500 nits SMD lamp, picture is vivid under the sunshine.
  5. IP65 waterproof aluminum cabinet, front open access design offers easy maintenance solution.
  6. Wide range input Voltage from 12V to 24V to adapt the buses battery.
Friendly Cloud service management interface
  • 4G wireless control, clould service management platform allow seamlessly change advertising and public service announcements instantaneously with no labor costs.
  • GPS locking the location of the device and report the screen info.
  • Deliver messages in real time including breaking news, sports scores, weather
  • Users can use Smartphone or computer to set up the screen Clould service platform allow remotely manage the campaigns.
Slim & easy maintance design

Aluminum alloy material with thin and light weight, total thickness about 100mm.
Front service maintenance, un-lock the key, users can access into and start to do trouble shot and repaire.

Installation Methods

Hinge type installation:
This product adopts the hinge type box assembly, a pressure rod screen box, easy to open repair and maintenance.

Wall hanging type installation:
The product is equipped with six angle screws, rivets and other auxiliary materials. In the bus on the need to use a drill tool wall hole, then the rivet to the rear cover plate is fixed on the screen on the wall to the bus.