Title P3.9 Transparent LED Screen
Model Number: TG-3.9
Pixel Pitch: 3.9 x 7.8mm
Cabinet Size: 1000*500mm
Brightness: Up to 5000cd/㎡
LED Chip : SMD3012
Refresh Rate (Hz): 3840Hz
Weight/Cabinet : 7.3kgs/14kgs
Power Consumption: 240w/m²(Avg)
Transparency: 82%
Working Voltage : 110/220V
IP Protection : Indoor IP40

The transparent LED display

  • It can be placed on the window without sacrificing the natural light of the space.

  • Its slim design and high brightness allow it to compete with direct sunlight while allowing you to create a dynamic experience before the customer enters your location.

  • The holographic LED display is modular in design and works in any environment, providing a minimalist solution.



1. 82% Transparency.
Its inherent transparency offers a ideal solution for any commercial application and make ad emerge into building and life.

2. Standard cabinet sizing: 500*500mm / 1000*500mm .
Dual sizing options make it easier to meet building specification, customized size also welcome.

3. Slim & lightweight cabinet Thickness: 73mm;
Weight 7.3kgs/14kgs .
These features allow for easy installation and transportation.

Wider advertising Scope | viewing angle 160°

Central Control

All the displays can be controlled, monitored and updated remotely and timely.

Smart control

Smart control by mobile APP,wireless data transmission, screen+ data cloud + APP, WIFI connection.

Quick locking system


  • It allow for easy hanging and connection between panels.

  • This unique locking system works with a speedy and effortless.

  • 4-step process: align, lift, click, and lock.

Wide variety of applications:

P3.91 Transparent LED Display is perfect for any retail, hotel, shopping mall, or commercial application.

11 Years experience in this the LED Industry production field.