LED Fine Pitch Display Application Market- Cinema, Home Theater, Meeting Room and 8K Markets

October 4, 2019
Topic One: Cinema

By 2023, it is expected that one in eight mainstream standard screens will be converted to Premium Screen with the demand of approximately 25,000-30,000 Premium Screens. The key driving factor is the consumers’ pursuit for differentiated experience, which can bring up the increase of the prices of movie tickets and increase the yield for each single-screen in the saturated movie market.

In terms of image display, high resolution Cinema will be a competition between projector manufacturers and LED video wall manufacturers. Image display trend is bound to move towards high resolution 4K or even 8K. Laser projectors have the projection capabilities of high resolution and high brightness. LED video wall can easily achieve high frame rate, high resolution and high dynamic range.

Thus, LED video wall generally enters the cinema market. Currently, the DCI-P3-certified LED video wall manufacturers are Samsung Electronics and SONY. With the strategic cooperation between BARCO and Unilumin, BARCO can expand the cinema market product line. Besides, the cooperation will promote the international market of Unilumin.

Topic Two: Home Theater

As consumers continue to use streaming platforms such as Netflix and HBO, smart TVs are unable to meet consumer demand, so the market demand for home theater systems is increasing. According to LEDinside, the global market demand for home theater is mainly in North America, Europe, followed by China and Taiwan. In terms of viewing distance, P0.9 and P1.2 LED video walls are mostly adopted. Generally, the splicing size is about 100-137 inches.

Topic Three: Meeting Room

Projector uses 5000lm and WUXGA resolution and develops towards the trend of brightness of 7,000-10,000lm, 4K resolution and laser light source.

However, by virtue of high resolution, high contrast ratio, wide viewing angle and high brightness, LED display is at an advantage in large meeting rooms, lecture halls, video conferences or education and training institutes. As the cost of LED display declines year by year and application continues expanding to more fields, the price difference between display and projector in 2023 is expected to be reduced to 1.8 times to twofold. At that time, the market will welcome an explosive period of product replacement.

Topic Four: 8K Market

FIFA World Cup 2018 contributed to a peak of shipment and revenue for TV brands and panel manufacturers in 2017. As such, for FIFA World Cup 2022 to be held in Qatar, numerous LED video wall, projector and TV brand manufacturers have planned to invest in the development of large HDR / Micro LED display since 2019-2020, with an aim to boost another revenue peak in such a stagnant market.

In light of Huawei’s 2025 White Paper, the demands for wide broadband, low time delay and wide connection are accelerating the commercialization of 5G which is expected to penetrate into all industries. It is the integration of 5G high-speed transmission and large HDR display that actually realizes the application of 5G.

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